Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Les Pendins NOTICE OF APPEAL to the Supreme Court of Virginia

Ilona Grenadier Heckman
v.                                                                                    Case No.   CL14002193
Janice Wolk Grenadier
NOTICE OF APPEAL to the Supreme Court of Virginia

        COMES NOW JANICE WOLK GRENADIER, Defendant, pursuant to Rule 5:9 Of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia hereby gives notice that she is appealing the  Circuit of Alexandria’s Court’s Order entered on August 4, 2014  entering verdict against the Defendant in the above captioned matter to the Supreme Court of Virginia.   Judge James Clark in collusion with the JIRC acted in Bias, Retribution and Retaliation ignoring all evidence of Defendant showing Favoritism and Cronyism towards one of his own Lawyer Ilona Ely Freedman Grenadier Heckman who without her, Michael Weiser, and her attorney’s he would not have been chosen to replace Judge Haddock who “LOVED ILONA” .  Ignoring the law of Honest Services in the closed Judicial society, you scratch my back, with the believe “there’s nothing you can do?”  you aren’t one of us.  The Scheme of jail time and  approx. $33,000 in legal fees sanctioned for lawyers who have lied in court, ex-parte communication, lied in court documents, lied in court documents to Bankruptcy Court, lied in court documents to the Supreme Court of Virginia, Prince William Court shows with the collusion of the JIRC and  Judge Clark have Behaved very Badly in a grotesque and reprehensible criminal enterprise conducted with full knowledge, consent, and contribution from public and private servants alike.

     A Written Statement of Facts with Exhibits will be filed in accordance with the rules under Rule 5:11 to be made part of the record.  
August 20, 2014
                                                        Janice Wolk Grenadier
                                                         Pro Se
                                                        15 West Spring Street
                                                         Alexandria, Virginia 22301

                                                         Certificate of Service
That a copy went to Defendants Atttorney  Ben DiMuro, Andrea Moseley DiMuroGinsberg  1101 King Street,   Suite 610, Alexandria, VA  22314

August 20, 2014                                                            Janice Wolk Grenadier

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